Management Team

Lien Bui - Executive Partner

Lien is a Partner in the Santa Clara Office.  Lien’s career started as an Agent in 2005 and she achieved two Executive Council Awards in 2006, 2007.  In addition, Lien was Pro-rata for Centurion 2007, Life Stars Individual Life Award 2007, Pro-rata MDRT* Aspirant 2006, Career Life Producer Award, Career Success Award, and Class Leader of 2005.  In 2007 Lien was promoted to Partner and achieved the Top Winner #1 in the Pacific Zone of “Gathering of Eagles Award.”  Lien won 6 consecutive years 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 of Top 50 Partners in the company and Partner View From Top Award 2013. Lien was promoted to Senior Partner in 2014.

Lien has a BA degree in Economics year 2000 at Trinity University in Washington D.C.  She was the National and State Honoree of the Prudential Community Service Award representing the District of Columbia 1996.

Minh Thao Tran - Executive Partner

"New York Life family" is more than just a phrase for Minh-Thao Tran, Executive Partner in New York Life Insurance Company’s Santa Clara General Office. She joined New York Life in 2005, followed by her younger sister, Minh-Thuan Tran, and her youngest brother, Nhan M Tran. All three grew up in Vietnam, immigrated to the United States and now serve the community in the Santa Clara General Office.

Minh-Thao began her career in the U.S. as a realtor and became a full-time New York Life agent in 2005. She spent more than a decade primarily serving the Vietnamese market in the San Francisco Bay area. After many successful years as an agent, Minh-Thao was promoted into management. She was promoted to Partner in 2011, Senior Partner in 2015 and Executive Partner in 2018.

In her management role, Minh-Thao’s influence has expanded beyond clients to agents and potential recruits. "I enjoy listening to motivational speakers and reading self-help books," she says. "In my job, I try to absorb what I learn, and in turn motivate those around me. My simple goal is to help as many people as I can." One of the people she’s helped in her career at New York Life is Hoang Nguyen, a former client. When his wife passed away in 2015, the proceeds from his policy helped Hoang and his son during difficult times. Inspired by his personal experience, Hoang joined Minh-Thao’s team as an agent so that he too could help protect families in the community.

Minh-Thao’s primary focus is seeking out potential New York Life agents and introducing them to the New York Life career opportunity. "New York Life has one of the best training programs in the industry, and the advancement opportunities are very fair and systematic," says Minh-Thao. In addition, Minh-Thao says she appreciates the support she receives from New York Life’s Women’s Market team. "I’ve learned a lot and have implemented best practices from attending market meetings and workshops," she says.

"New York Life is a great place for women to work," she says. "Many women are compassionate, which is a trait that is welcome and rewarded at New York Life. Compassionate people make effective agents and leaders." Minh-Thao embodies compassion both in her role at New York Life and in the community. She is a donor to many local charities. "I believe in giving back and doing good things in life," says Minh-Thao.

Minh-Thao is an alumna of San Jose State University, and has won numerous achievement awards during her career with New York Life. She achieved Council, a recognition for top producers, every year she was an agent—seven consecutive times. In management, she qualified for Gathering of Eagles, a meeting for top recruiters, four years in a row since 2012 and is a two-time winner of the company’s prestigious Val Ivanov Award awarded for the best personal performance by an Exeuctive Partner in three key areas of New Organization Production, Recruiting and Retention. Minh-Thao also earned the CLF® (Chartered Leadership Fellow) designation from the American College in 2017 and plans to graduate with a Masters of Science in Management (MSM) in May of 2019.

Nga Ha - Partner

Nga joined New York Life’s Santa Clara General Office as an agent in October, 2012 after many years working as a chemical engineer. Her hard work, dedication, and contribution to the office has paid off to earn the Career Life Success Award, Career Life Producer Award, Life Star Individual Life, 40-40-40 Campaign Winner 2014, Centurion 2014, Life 2014 Leader Class of 2012, Executive Council 2013 and 2014, and a qualifier for Million Dollar Round Table* in 2014. She has been a financial professional with New York Life since 2014. Nga was promoted to be partner on March, 2015 after over 2 years as an agent.  She takes on the challenge of growing herself and the office in her new role.

Nga has a BS degree in Chemistry year 2001 in Vietnam. She lives in San Jose, CA with her husband and a daughter Thu.

Nhan N. Nguyen - Partner

Nhan is Combat Veteran which he served in the United States Marine Corps. He was Honorably Discharged as a Sergeant after his active duty and served two oversea deployments in Iraq and MEU (Marines Expeditionary Unit). Nhan joined New York Life in March 19, 2013 and he made Executive Council within three months during June, 2013. His core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment have brought him to the next level prestigiously as President Council of 2014. Nhan won many awards and recognitions of; Career Life  Success Award, Career Life Producer Award, Life Foundation Award, LifeStars Individual Life Award, 40-40-40 Cultural Market Award, and a Qualifying Member of MDRT 2015 (Million Dollar Round Table*). He was also a class Leader of 2013, 2014, and won a 2014 New Org FYC Leader Eagle Award.

Nhan was promoted to an Associate Partner in September 2015 after two plus years as a Financial Services Professional*. He again was promoted to Partner in March 2016.  He takes on a new challenge to hire and develop entrepreneurs that are interested in the Financial Services career with New York Life Insurance Company. The Company You Keep®

Ferdinand De-Guzman - Partner

Ferdinand joined New York Life as a agent in 2005 at the Santa Clara Sales Office. He qualified for Executive Council in 2006, 2009, 2012, 2014 and 2016. In 2013 he qualified for President Council. Also, in 2013 he was awarded The Pacific Agencies Leading Life Case Producer being the President’s Council Meeting leader with the highest number of Life paid cases in the whole Pacific Zone.  Additionally in 2013 he also earned the Life Superstar award, All Star Award in 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2014 and 2016, Life Centurion and Case Rate Award In 2009, 2012, 2014 & 2016. In August 2014, he was promoted as an Associate Partner in the Santa Clara General office. Ferdinand was born in the Philippines and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Far Eastern University Manila, Philippines. He lives in San Jose, CA since 2000. 


Hiep Le - Partner

Hiep Le came to the US in December 2013 from Australia and joined New York Life as an agent in April 2014. In his first 3 months, Hiep achieved Executive Council.  In the 2 years and 4 months of his career, he was an Executive Council agent in 2014 and continues to be the Premier President's Council agent in 2015 and 2016.

The Awards and Recognitions that Hiep received as an agent include:  Life Foundation Award , Career Life Producer Award, Career Life Success Award, New Org case rate leader 2014 and 2015 Eagle Award, Leader class of 2014 in year 2014 and 2015, ARD Award 2015, New Org Agent of the year 2015 Eagle Award, Qualifying Member of MDRT 2015 and 2016 (Million Dollar Round Table*), Life MVP 2015 and 2016, Premier Centurion 2015 and 2016, and 2015 New Agent of the year Award by NAIFA Silicon Valley. In August 2016, he was promoted as an Associate Partner in Santa Clara General Office.

Hiep graduated from The Central Queensland University in Australia with Master’s degree in Information System & Business Analysis. Before that He achieved Bachelor’s degree as a software engineer.

Vuong Mai - Partner

Vuong joined New York Life in 2009.  Vuong quickly qualified for the Career Life Success Award, Life Producer Award, and Life Foundation Award.  As an Agent with New York Life, Vuong achieved Council each and every year. One Quality Council and 6 Executive Council.  Vuong also received the Agency Builder Award in 2014.  He achieved Life Star Awards in 2011 & 2012.  In 2013, Vuong earned the Top 25 Face Amount Challenge.  Vuong became a Financial Services Professional** in 2016.  Prior to his promotion to Associate Partner, Vuong qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table(MDRT)*.  In October 2016, Vuong was promoted to Associate Partner, and then Partner where he now focuses on others to become successful entrepreneurs in a career with New York Life.

Vuong graduated with a dual major in Economics and Computer Science in Vietnam. Vuong is a current member of NAIFA.  In his spare time, Vuong volunteers as a choir member and has been doing so since 1998.  He enjoys fishing, hiking, playing the guitar and piano, computer graphic design, and photography.

Nhu Dao, MS - Partner

As a Partner, Nhu has a history of passion for leadership and continues to nurture and develop her growing team of Agents. She first joined New York Life in December of 2014 where she quickly qualified for Executive Council 6 months after becoming an agent. Subsequently, she qualified for Executive Council again in the year 2016. Nhu led her way into management and was promoted to Associate Partner in the early 2017 under the leadership of Managing Partner, Binh Nguyen.

 Nhu’s passion for leadership developed early in her childhood. Surrounded by her family’s wholesale cement business, she grew knowledgeable of leadership practices ranging from creative problem solving to creating quick solutions. With her experience in tow, Nhu moved to New Hampshire and attended Southern New Hampshire University where she earned her Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership. While attending SNHU, she focused on both her education and leading her family’s business. She also spent time in Vietnam as a College Professor where she taught Business Administration and Leadership.

Having her heart set on the Bay Area, she eventually moved back to the California after earning her post-graduate degree to settle. She currently resides in San Jose with her husband An and her daughter Amy. Nhu aims to make a difference in the financial industry by developing her growing team and nurture them into becoming financial leaders. She hopes to do so by continuously providing excellent leadership and support and establishing a positive and innovative workplace culture. 

Andy Nguyen, Associate Partner

Andy joined New York Life’s Santa Clara General Office as an agent in Feburary, 2013 after many years working as a real estate agent. His hard work, dedication, and contribution to the office has paid off to earn the Career Life Success Award, four years consecutives Executive council 2014,2015,2016,2017. Life Star Individual Life, 40-40-40 Campaign Winner 2014, He has been a financial professional with New York Life since 2017. Andy was promoted to be  Associated partner on Feburary, 2018 after over 4 years experienced as an agent.  He takes on the new challenge of growing himself and the office in his new role focusing on self- discipline. He is building his hiring team and develop entrepreneurs that are interested in the Financial Services career with New York Life Company. The Company You keep®.

Danny Chang, Associate Partner

Danny joined New York Life’s Santa Clara General Office as an agent in March, 2014 after many years working as a Mortgage Loan Consultant with brokers and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. His hard work, dedication, passion helping others and contribution to the office has paid off. Danny won many awards and recognitions of; Career Life Producer Award, Career Life Success Award, Life Star Individual Life, Centurion 2016 & 2017 Award, He was also a class Leader of 2015, 2016, 2017 New Org FYC Leader Eagle Award, Executive Council 2015, 2016, and Executive Council Premier 2017 and 2018, and a qualifier for Million Dollar Round Table* in 2017. He has been a financial professional with New York Life since 2014. Danny was promoted to be Associate Partner on April, 2018 after over 4 years as an agent. He takes on a new challenge to hire and develop entrepreneurs that are interested in the Financial Services career with New York Life Insurance Company. The Company You Keep®

He lives in San Jose, CA with his wife, Cynthia Nguyen and 2 children.

Luan Le, Associate Partner

Luan joined New York Life in Feb 2015. He qualified for Executive Council consecutively in 2016 and 2017. After successfully being an agent for more than 3 years, Luan got promoted to be an Associate Partner in April 2018. His new role is hiring and developing quality individuals who want to build a long-term career with New York Life. Luan is passionate to help others by giving them the same opportunity that he was given when he first joined New York Life, so that they can achieve their fullest potential personally and professionally.




Michael J. Wecker, CLU®, ChFC®, LUTCF, CLF®, MSFS, CLTC® - Senior Director of Development and Senior Manager

After graduating from California Polytechnic State University with a Bachelor of Science degree, Michael started his career as a Field Trainee with New York Life in 1985. After a few years he entered Management where he became a Training Supervisor, Sales Manager and then ultimately a Sales Development Manager, focusing on agent and management training. As of December of 2006 Mike returned to the field to start his own practice in Monterey. Mike qualified for Executive Council and was an Annuity Champion every year from 2007 through 2009. In July of 2010 Mike was promoted to his current position as Senior Director of Development. He is a second-generation New York Life agent and manager. His father John F. Wecker was a New York Life Agent for 40 years.

Michael’s oldest brother Richard A. Wecker, CLU®, CLF® retired in November of 2004 as the CEO and President of LIMRA International, an international market research company. Prior to LIMRA Richard was Senior Vice President of Marketing for New York Life.

Michael is married to Cheryl and lives in Carmel, California.

Philip P. NguyenPhilip P. Nguyen, CLU®, CLTC® - Senior Development Manager

Philip joined New York Life in 2011.  New York Life’s company strength and training program was an integral part of his decision to transition into this career.  Applying the knowledge from the company’s training and materials, he qualified for Executive Council for two consecutive years.  Philip was promoted to Development Manager in early 2014 and to Senior Development Manager in early 2018.  He is responsible for training and developing the next generation of agents so they can be successful and can make a positive impact in people's lives and their communities.

He earned his Certified Long Term Care (CLTC®) and Charter Life Underwriting (CLU®) designation.  He currently holds FINRA licenses 6, 63, and 26.

In his spare time, Philip enjoys offshore fishing out of Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz.  He volunteers with various local Fishing Associations that protect, preserve, and improve California’s fishery for future generations.

He is currently married with two children and resides in San Jose.

Justin “JC” Cordova - Development Manager

JC is a sales development manager for the Santa Clara General Office and has been with New York Life since 2009. Within his role, JC ensures that each and every agent he trains and develops is given the best opportunity to succeed. With the help of New York Life’s comprehensive training program, JC is able to assist new agents in their journey to a lifelong, fulfilling career. It is in his own career, and the opportunity it provides to meet new people, coach them and watch them grow and develop in their work, that JC finds his own passion and fulfillment.

His perseverance, tenacity and ability to think outside of the box have earned him numerous awards throughout his career. In a little over 9 years with the company, his successes include New Organization Case Rate Leader: 2010, 2011, 2012, Rookie of the Year, Life All Star Award: 2012, 2013, Centurion Award: 2011, 2012, Executive Council^: 2011, 2012, 2013, Hispanic Market 30-30-30 qualifier, AAMU Countdown to $10 Billion Incentive Campaign qualifier 2014, 2016, Best Percentage Sales Increase, New Organization Retention, and the Life Case Rate Award, 2016 and 2017.

Prior to his career at New York Life, JC earned his Bachelors in Business Administration in Marketing and Languages Literature, and Culture from Colorado State University and Universidad de Alcala De Henares in Madrid, Spain. While in college, JC worked as a Resident Assistant and Peer Mentor/Coordinator for Colorado State. Upon graduating, he entered into the field of Public Relations and Non-Profits as he drove the Oscar Mayer Weiner-mobile around the country to raise money for Big Brother’s, Big Sisters. He went on to work in retail management, finances, and ultimately New York Life. Today, JC is married to his beautiful wife Nicole and when he is not in the office, he spends his time hiking, relaxing at the beach, snowboarding, skateboarding, cycling, working out, and traveling within the U.S and overseas.

Derek Raphael, ACS, ALMI, AIAA, AIRC, FLMI, CLU - Service Leader

Derek joined New York Life in 2013 and has been managing team of people since 2009.   He started his career training in the Northern CA General Office, spent 3 years at the Las Vegas General Office and has been at the Santa Clara General Office since 2017.  


Derek graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a degree in Business in 2008 and has continued his education with 2 New York Life Leadership Programs and industry designations. 

Derek and his wife Cassandra have one child, Hudson.    They enjoy spending their time traveling and at the beautiful beaches of Santa Cruz, CA.

Douglas Perry - Agency Standards Manager

Doug has previous careers as a professor and researcher in higher education, an analyst in state government and manager of  a national physician association.  In 2006 he joined the insurance industry with John Hancock in San Mateo, CA.  Starting in administration, he quickly advanced to be an Investment Advisor Representative and then Agency Compliance Specialist. 


A native of Minnesota, Doug completed an MSW degree from the University of Minnesota as well as post-graduate studies in psychology and social work, with expertise in evaluation research contracting.  He moved to California in 1988 to work at UCSF and then the American Academy of Ophthalmology.  He lives with his wife Karen in Belmont, CA. They have son in high school and daughter in college.  He was parent leader of the middle school team that went to the state completion of the Oddessy of the Mind.   He also coached basketball for boys and girls teams through middle school and enjoys the outdoors and riding his racing bike when the schedule allows.  

Please feel free to contact one of our management team members to learn more about New York Life.

* The Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), The Premier Association of Financial Professionals, is recognized globally as the standard of excellence for life insurance sales performance in the insurance and financial services industry.

**Financial Services Professionals are Registered Representatives with NYLIFE Securities LLC(Member FINRA/SIPC) A Licensed Insurance Agency.


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